Some Bug Fixes

Hello, just a quick update to let you know that I’ve fixed some issues. Fixing items with anvils should now work, and mcMMO should be working better than it was before. Although it was not noticeable on the user side, mcMMO has been causing many issues on the server side of things. All should be good now.

In other news, I will be doing periodic plugin updates, so please pardon the occasional server reboot as this is necessary to update plugins.

Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

Sponge & 1.8 Progress

Hello, the Sponge project has been progressing very rapidly and as a result, Sponge may be available by the end of the year. Livecraft may experience a time with a lack of plugins, but this will be necessary during the conversion process. Livecraft will always have the core features, as well as MCBans and a block logging plugin such as Prism. As for the 1.8 update progress, we have a spawn built and ready to use in the next 1.8 map. This will make the update much quicker, as we can copy the new spawn from the temporary world used to build it to the new 1.8 world. As always, I’ll keep you all updated.

Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

The Future of Livecraft

Hello, given recent developments in the Minecraft multiplayer scene, the future of Livecraft and many other servers is in question. The Bukkit project is no longer providing downloads or source code, leaving servers and developers to find another project or move on from Minecraft. In light of this, there have been groups that have formed to create a replacement for Bukkit. One such project is called “Sponge“, which is a project which aims to continue where Bukkit left off, using a clean codebase and an improved API. As a result, I have decided that Livecraft will use the Sponge server software once it is stable enough for daily use. Consequently, the Minecraft 1.8 update has been delayed considerably, and may not even happen before the year is out. Here’s to a brighter, yellow, and more absorbent (ba dum tss) future for Livecraft.

tl;dr: Bukkit is dead, Spigot is on life support. A new project called Sponge has potential to succeed Bukkit. Livecraft will most likely not update to Minecraft 1.8 before the year ends.

Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

Long Live Minecraft

Some unfortunate news I have to report today. I discovered that the Bukkit project has been more or less discontinued as a result of a recent DMCA notice filed against them. As a result, all Bukkit downloads have been removed and are no longer available for download, and most Bukkit staff have formally resigned. Similarly, the Spigot project received a similar notice, and has also removed all downloads; however, the Spigot team has released a program which can update Spigot through binary patching, allowing the project to continue updating within legal boundaries. As a result of these recent developments, the future of Livecraft and the 1.8 update are in question. The server will continue to be online, but many difficulties, such as the lack of future updates may be encountered.

I would like to give a personal thank you to all of the talented people who have contributed to both Bukkit and Spigot, and I have appreciated being able to have used Bukkit and Spigot for the past four years. The software was useful to hundreds of thousands, and it will be missed. I do hope that the legal issues can be resolved, but for now, the futures of both Bukkit and Spigot are unknown.

Regarding my minecraft-init and mc*NIX projects, I will update them shortly to allow binary patching of Spigot and remove downloads to both the Bukkit and Spigot projects, considering it is no longer possible to download them directly.

Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

For more information on the subject, visit the following links:
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SpigotMC – High Performance Minecraft

What’s New: Week 18

** Please do NOT change your username until all plugins support the new UUID system. See this post for more info.

What’s new:

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10 **
  • Updated various plugins
  • PvP arena redesigned
  • Various permissions changed, see ranks page
  • Hidden bonus-room added
  • WorldEdit fixed

Version information:

  • Spigot updated to build 1546 **
  • Announcer not updated
  • ClickEdit installed (Disabled)
  • CompatNoCheatPlus updated to build 68
  • CraftBook updated to version 3.9 Beta 2
  • Essentials updated to version Preview
  • EssentialsChat updated to version Preview
  • EssentialsGeoIP updated to version Preview
  • EssentialsGroupManager updated to version Preview
  • EssentialsSpawn updated to version Preview
  • Give Anything Listener not updated
  • Honeypot not updated (Scheduled for Deletion)
  • LWC updated to build 918
  • MCBans updated to version 4.3.4
  • mcMMO not updated
  • MotdManager not updated
  • Multiverse-Core updated to build 691
  • Multiverse-Inventories updated to build 376
  • Multiverse-Portals updated to build 712
  • NCore updated to version 0.6.6
  • NoCheatPlus not updated
  • NoOp not updated
  • NTheEndAgain updated to version 0.6.6
  • Poke not updated
  • Prism updated to version 2.0.2
  • ProtocolLib updated to version 3.4.0 (Disabled)
  • SignEditor not updated (Scheduled for Deletion)
  • TagAPI updated to version 3.0.5
  • VanishNoPacket not updated
  • Votifier not updated
  • WorldBorder not updated
  • WorldEdit updated to version 5.6.2
  • WorldGuard not updated

What’s New: Week 12

  • Updated some plugins (more 1.7.9/UUID friendly)
  • Prism update broke Prism (server will be on temp whitelist until fixed)

Regarding 1.7.9: Please see this.

What’s New: Week 8

Web-only changes this time around.

  • Reset website (forums & users are still saved)
  • Fixed user registration
  • Added easy way to reset password
  • Slightly changed theme
  • Removed shop (may return later)

What’s New: Week 7

What’s new:

  • Updated server to Spigot 1.7.5 (Supports 1.7.9 clients)
  • Updated plugins
  • Removed TrainCarts (useless)
  • Removed PurpleIRC because nobody uses IRC.
  • Removed PingTab because it did not work with the 1.7.5 update
  • Removed BKCommonLib because of the evil it causes
  • Fixed major lag caused by a large amount of mine carts near a house.

Current Issues:

  • Ping in player list is currently broken
  • alfonsojon still has not gone through rank applications. He seems to have a minor bug and he probably needs to be rebooted. Will be worked on. Until then, give him a break.

What’s New: Week 5

  • Switched from My Worlds to Multiverse
  • Added Judge rank
  • Added Donator+ rank
  • Added Poke (right click a player to poke)
  • Redesigned PvP arena