Changes to Registration

I will be making changes to how the registration system works. Already registered accounts will not be affected by any of these changes. The goal of the changes I am making is to have an account-to-website verification system along with support for users with underscores within their usernames (shadow_painter, etc.)

Regards, Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

[IMPORTANT] Forums are now online

The long-awaited forums are now online. I will be adding content to the forums, but for now we have three basic forums: Rank Applications, Bug & Exploit reporting, and Off-topic. Feel free to utilize them properly. Do not ask for ranks in game anymore; instead, make a post in the forums.

Regards, Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

[IMPORTANT] Information regarding server stability

Hi, I would like to inform you about a major issue which happened recently. Livecraft used to use developer-build plugins, which are reportedly unstable and buggy. Although no major issues have occurred because of this, I figured it was better safe than sorry to downgrade.

How wrong I was.

Now, there seems to be considerable lag and memory usage coming from virtually nowhere, and I can’t find out why. Furthermore, Multiverse Inventories had a configuration change which resulted in each world having an individual inventory setup. In order to fix this, I had to reset Multiverse Inventories. As this plugin controls inventories, you may have noticed that your survival inventory is now empty once you join the main world from either the flatlands, end, or nether. This issue can be resolved by restoring your inventory from a backup.

If your inventory is missing, please email with your Minecraft user name so I can restore your inventory.


Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

[IMPORTANT] First post of August.

Staff Reform

Well, a staff reform is finally happening. I have been tired of the immaturity, sexual abuse, dirty language, and just how disgustingly our staff has been acting recently. I have reset all staff permissions to Trusted. There will be no questions about this change, and there will be no backtalk. I do not want anyone to take this personally, but this is a very important issue that not only makes Livecraft look bad, but it makes me look bad as a server owner.

Onto things of lighter weight

Do not worry, however, because you can reacquire your rank through work and diligence. I will be making a web-based system for applying for ranks. Each rank will have a list of requirements which need to be fulfilled before your application will be considered. Once we have a new team of staff, every new staff member will need to pass a vote in order to become staff. Livecraft will hopefully put more power in the hands of other staff to determine their staff, rather than just me picking who I think would be best. There will now be a cap of users per rank. There will only be at most four admins and six moderators. I will reimplement the assistant rank for users who are being voted on for staff. If the vote is passed, the user will be promoted to moderator. If the vote does not pass, then the user will stay on Assistant for a period of one month, or until they are deemed eligible for a re-vote.

Until then, Me (alfonsojon), Drak1234, and Imperialelite will be taking full responsiblity of server operation and administrative duties. EviLxXLoLLiEsXx will be taking care of user requests, griefing rollbacks, and chat monitoring.