Setting up Prism Launcher

Prism Launcher is a custom launcher based on MultiMC that allows for custom profiles for Minecraft and also includes fixes for legacy versions of Minecraft that do not support UUIDs.

Prism Launcher supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. To install, head to and download the appropriate version for your platform. Follow their “Create an Instance” guide to make an instance for the appropriate version of Minecraft you’re trying to play.

For versions of Minecraft prior to the switch to UUIDs, skins and online mode will not work. This will be fixed in a future update from Mojang, but until then, you need to enable Online Mode Fixes.

To do this, edit your instance, navigate to Settings > Miscellaneous, then check “Legacy settings” and “Enable online fixes (experimental)”. This will enable the fixes necessary to play old versions online.

Once you’re ready, click close, then double click your instance you’d like to play. For demonstration, I’ve pointed it at – check it out!