Addendum to Updates

As an interim fix for the crashing issues, I have temporarily switched Livecraft back to Craftbukkit. You may experience more lag than usual, but there should not be any more crashes. Please email to report any bugs!

** This was fixed by updating CraftBook.


Hey guys, I apologize for my inactivity. School’s wrapping up and I have finals to prepare for, so I won’t be online. Additionally, my computer monitor broke (it squeals whenever it’s on), so I need to repair that as well.


As many of you have noticed, the server has become very  unstable as of late. I am working my best to fix this, but I can’t test by myself. I need you guys to report to when the server has crashed as soon as possible, if possible. I need to know when the server goes down so I can fix it.


An upcoming event is the release of Minecraft 1.6. This version will have many new features; however, as of now, it does not have any new changes to world generation. Unless a change to the world generation format is implemented, there will be no map reset. Additionally, there will be nothing “extremely new” in the server. Things should stay the same but be a lot cooler 🙂


There -may- be downtime in the near future (tomorrow or Saturday) because our internet bill is overdue. I am not sure how long it will be down, but as always, we’ll be back up and ready for you guys to play again ASAP.