[IMPORTANT] Server Hardware Swap

Unfortunately, the server’s main CPU fan is not working, resulting in the server overheating (and a LOT of noise). As a result of this, I have given up my personal computer to serve as the main server for now. The CPU is faster, but there is less RAM. I advise any Architects or staff who are using WorldEdit to NOT perform large operations at this time, as the server only has half of the RAM it used to. Things will be back to normal once I am capable of replacing the fan, but until then, this will have to make do.


Jonathan Alfonso

[IMPORTANT] 1.6.4 Update

I have updated the server to Minecraft 1.6.4. For a short time, both mcMMO and TrainCarts will not function. Once these plugins are updated and work on 1.6.4, everything will be back to normal.
Edit: All updated and ready to go.

Minecraft 1.6.2 had an exploit which allowed someone to steal someone else’s session and log into a server as if they were that user. This affected us directly, and someone logged as me (alfonsojon), giving them full access to the server. Fortunately, David (Drak1234) restored the server, but this should not happen in 1.6.4

The only major reason this update was released was to fix this major security flaw.

Regards, Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

[OFF TOPIC] Livecraft’s Mascot

So, as you may or may not have noticed, LC’s “mascot” is the little creature in the roll SWF. A friend of mine shared that with me some time ago, and I posted it on my personal website, then shared it with Jon shortly after. Here’s the details about the SWF.

The song comes from a looped bit of Help Me, ERINNNNN!, specifically between 1:02 and 1:22.

The creature thing rolling is called the Super Happy Puppy Whirl.. Which has been around for a while, apparently. I picked up a (low-res) original. Hit that up if you don’t enjoy seizures. 😉

– David (Drak1234)


Back Online

With exception to the flat-lands, the server’s been fixed up. The IP registration system I mentioned before is functional, but considering I wrote it in a short time-span (and tested it under controlled conditions), there will be some problems.

Should you experience problems regarding the plugin, spot griefing I haven’t cleaned up in the flat-lands, or similar, please calmly contact me via the server, the comments, or, if necessary, by e-mail (adrakoala@gmail.com).

– David (Drak1234)

Some News

UPDATE: The world(s) have been fixed and rolled back one day [09/10/2013]. Progress made after this has been erased, and we apologise for any inconveniences. We’ll be public, hopefully, tomorrow once I get an IP registration system set up. In the mean time, please enjoy Livecraft’s mascot rolling.

Unfortunately, three users utilized an exploit allowing them unrestricted access to Livecraft, resulting in ‘massive’ griefing. Fortunately, however, I’ve been keeping backups off-server, alongside the server’s automatic backups. I’ll be checking for the latest version of the world and rolling the server back to it. Any griefing from today will be fixed at the cost of any progress made in recent time. I’ll be posting how far back the server needs to be reverted to.

Until further notice, the server will be unavailable (for approx. 1 day).

Thanks for your patience!

Note: When the server is back online, you will only be allowed to connect with an IP address (or multiple) you register with us. This will prevent unauthorized usage of your account on Livecraft.

– David (Drak1234)

Website Updates

I will be updating the theme used on the website. I aim to improve screen space usage while making the website better to look at. All changes are purely cosmetic and will not affect how the website works.

Regards, Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

New Features for 1.7

Over the past months, Jon and I have been discussing (however briefly) how we could liven up Livecraft a bit with more things to do. So, when 1.7 is released, we’ve decided to re-introduce Mob Arenas, PvP arenas, and a special surprise: player-submitted arenas.

We’ll be constructing a few official arenas, all of which will be publicly accessible, and there will be a section in the forums to submit your own arenas. I’ll be posting guidelines and tips there to make getting started simpler.

Another new feature, which may or may not be completed by 1.7’s release, is dungeons! The way it will work is similar to mob arena. Players choose their class (i.e. Warrior, Ranger, Mage, etc.) and are thrust into a pre-built dungeon in which mobs, of increasing difficulty, are spawned throughout. As you progress, your dungeon level will increase. It’ll essentially be a dungeon crawler mini-game. More news on that as I complete the plugin.

In addition to these new features, we’d also like to take the time between now and 1.7’s release for suggestions from you all for additional features. What do you think would make Livecraft more fun? Is there a mini-game you’d love to play on LC? Post a comment below with your idea! But, please be reasonable with your suggestions.

Have a fantastic rest of the week,

— David (Drak1234)

Note: Mob arenas, PvP arenas, and dungeons are all eligible for player-submissions. I’ll be posting guidelines/tips on constructing dungeons, too.

Accepted mini-games:

  • Spleef

Unaccepted mini-games:

  • Hunger Games
  • Dwarves vs. Zombies