We support Bedrock!

Through the use of a set of plugins called Geyser & Floodgate, we allow bedrock players to join & if both Bedrock & Java copies are owned, use their linked Java account on our server to play as the same user! Try it out!

To join from Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox, you’ll need to add “Livecraft9255” to your friends list. Once you do this, you’ll be able to join Livecraft by joining a cross platform friend’s world.

Beta 1.7.3 Server now live!

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately for old Minecraft and have had performance issues on other servers, so I decided to start my own Beta server! To join, you’ll need to use a special launcher or mod to fix online mode for older versions. For details, check out our beta server information page. I’ve included instructions on how to play as well as some information about the server.