Minecraft 1.3, Map reset

Due to the HUGE amount of changes with Minecraft 1.3.1, we’ve decided to reset the map so that everyone can have fun with the jungle pyramids and better NPC villages. The Flatlands were not reset, and neither were the Skylands. It’s going to be a while until the Bukkit team (the people who develop our server software) make a version compatible with Minecraft 1.3.1, so we figured we’d use this time to make the new spawn. Please don’t tell us to upgrade, we will as soon as possible but until then you can participate in chats to the server through our IRC channel (The chat page, up in the top). There might be a few plugin tweaks in the following week in order to accommodate Minecraft 1.3.1 (such as a planned re-colouring of the user prefixes) and possibly a spleef plugin. Other than that, the server experience should be the same, aside from the map.

Hope this clarifies things,
Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

Bukkit homepage:

Downtime and the PVP server

As I’m sure you ALL have noticed, we had a period of downtime which lasted for something like a week. I would like to apologize for this but this was caused by an error on domain.com’s part (our domain registrar).

In other news, the long-anticipated PVP server is up! The website for it can be found at pvp.boxelcloud.com. To connect to the server, you can connect via pvp.live-craft.com, or Have fun!

Site’s back up!

Our site’s back up, forums (and wiki?) will be up soon. I’m adding a rules page, a beginners reference, and the requirements and rules of earning/maintaining a rank.