What’s New: Week 12

  • Updated some plugins (more 1.7.9/UUID friendly)
  • Prism update broke Prism (server will be on temp whitelist until fixed)

Regarding 1.7.9: Please see this.

What’s New: Week 8

Web-only changes this time around.

  • Reset website (forums & users are still saved)
  • Fixed user registration
  • Added easy way to reset password
  • Slightly changed theme
  • Removed shop (may return later)

What’s New: Week 7

What’s new:

  • Updated server to Spigot 1.7.5 (Supports 1.7.9 clients)
  • Updated plugins
  • Removed TrainCarts (useless)
  • Removed PurpleIRC because nobody uses IRC.
  • Removed PingTab because it did not work with the 1.7.5 update
  • Removed BKCommonLib because of the evil it causes
  • Fixed major lag caused by a large amount of mine carts near a house.

Current Issues:

  • Ping in player list is currently broken
  • alfonsojon still has not gone through rank applications. He seems to have a minor bug and he probably needs to be rebooted. Will be worked on. Until then, give him a break.

What’s New: Week 5

  • Switched from My Worlds to Multiverse
  • Added Judge rank
  • Added Donator+ rank
  • Added Poke (right click a player to poke)
  • Redesigned PvP arena

What’s New: Week 1

Hey guys, I figured I should start posting about what’s new on Livecraft. Although I will not post a new article every week, they will be counted on a weekly basis.

What’s new this week:

  1. Made sponges craftable, useful for underwater bases or pesky cave waterfalls. Use /recipe sponge to figure out how to craft it.
  2. Fixed a bug where the flatlands and main worlds were sharing an inventory, which is not good.
  3. Updated server & plugins, should be running smoother. Please post on the website’s “Bug Reports” forum if you find otherwise.
  4. Increased the maximum player count from 24 players to 32.