News and Progress

As most of you have seen by now via auto broadcasts on the server, the Livecraft PvP server is on its way. The server will include (not limited to): Factions, Mob Arena, specialised classes, a stream-line permission set-up, and much more!

What I feel you all should know is that there will be a new website for the PvP server, specifically, which will include ease-of-use, a ticket system for submitting reports or problems on the server, as well as a customised real-time map of the server.

Since some of you asked me questions about the website, I’ll tell you a bit more about what we’re planning (Edited by Shushker): As Drak had mentioned, the website will include a ticket system for submitting reports or problems on the server, but it will also include a unique home-page with the latest announcements, and possibly, don’t quote me on this, some special features for donators! So stay tuned for more updates while Drak & I work on it!

I can’t give an exact time of when the server will be open to the public, but expect it soon!

New weekly updates

I noticed that many users have been complaining about the fact that they could not chat. I have fixed this and I am currently fixing a few other back-end things. I figured just to get the news out, I think that I should start posting entries such as this one every Monday. Starting today (May 7th, 2012), I will be making posts every Monday about the server’s status, progress on our custom client (still being rebranded and created) and just life in general. ~alfonsojon