Security Briefing

From MCBans Administration:

“Posted 03 June 2012 – 10:16 AM
Hi everyone,

Everybody by now should be well aware of a major problem that is spreading around rapidly.
Session Hijacking is the act of stealing your session ID and using it to go under your username.

To combat this, we recommend everybody become very aware of their surroundings. Please only join servers that are trusted or well known in the Minecraft community. If a random person invites you to go to a server, I would recommend that you check into it before you decide to go to that server.

Remember an easy 3-step process:
1) Do you trust that person? If yes, join. If no, go to next step.
2) Is it a trusted or well-known server? If yes, join. If no, go to next step.
3) If no to the above, do NOT join the server unless you are absolutely sure it is safe.

From all of us at MCBans,

Firestar, StracciPwns, Corpdraco
MCBans Administration

Brendan M.

IGN: Corpdraco
MCBans Staff Member”