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UPDATE: The world(s) have been fixed and rolled back one day [09/10/2013]. Progress made after this has been erased, and we apologise for any inconveniences. We’ll be public, hopefully, tomorrow once I get an IP registration system set up. In the mean time, please enjoy Livecraft’s mascot rolling.

Unfortunately, three users utilized an exploit allowing them unrestricted access to Livecraft, resulting in ‘massive’ griefing. Fortunately, however, I’ve been keeping backups off-server, alongside the server’s automatic backups. I’ll be checking for the latest version of the world and rolling the server back to it. Any griefing from today will be fixed at the cost of any progress made in recent time. I’ll be posting how far back the server needs to be reverted to.

Until further notice, the server will be unavailable (for approx. 1 day).

Thanks for your patience!

Note: When the server is back online, you will only be allowed to connect with an IP address (or multiple) you register with us. This will prevent unauthorized usage of your account on Livecraft.

– David (Drak1234)

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  1. What does that mean? I have no idea what to do… does this mean I just lost my cotton candy tree? D: NOOOOOOOO

    1. If you built it after early yesterday (about 5 AM Eastern Standard), yeah. :c
      But hey, it’s better than if I had to reset all the worlds, right?

    1. Sure thing.

      Basically, whenever a player connects to the server, their IP (Internet Protocal, serves the same purpose your street address does, but used for the Internet) is compared to the ones we have on file. For example, say I join the server for the first time. The server will save my IP, registering it with my username.
      Now, whenever I join again, the server will make sure that my Minecraft account isn’t coming from another location (in which the IP would be different) that isn’t registered with my username.

      Long story short, you won’t have to worry about anything. Also, I’ll be writing up a short page regarding privacy (your IP won’t be shared with anyone but myself and Jon for security purposes only).

  2. Drak, If i come from another place, (e,g. my grammies house) And i try to log in when it has already saved my IP as my home IP, will it kick me or will it notify you? and will i need to give it to you.

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