Internet Outage

Apologies for the server downtime beginning on 5/8/2012, our Comcast bill was late and they cut off our internet. ~alfonsojon

New weekly updates

I noticed that many users have been complaining about the fact that they could not chat. I have fixed this and I am currently fixing a few other back-end things. I figured just to get the news out, I think that I should start posting entries such as this one every Monday. Starting today (May 7th, 2012), I will be making posts every Monday about the server’s status, progress on our custom client (still being rebranded and created) and just life in general. ~alfonsojon

Website 2.0!

Our website’s back and better than ever! You may now private message other users, log in and register using the same page, have a personal blog, and even upload a profile picture 😀

Have fun!