New Features for 1.7

Over the past months, Jon and I have been discussing (however briefly) how we could liven up Livecraft a bit with more things to do. So, when 1.7 is released, we’ve decided to re-introduce Mob Arenas, PvP arenas, and a special surprise: player-submitted arenas.

We’ll be constructing a few official arenas, all of which will be publicly accessible, and there will be a section in the forums to submit your own arenas. I’ll be posting guidelines and tips there to make getting started simpler.

Another new feature, which may or may not be completed by 1.7’s release, is dungeons! The way it will work is similar to mob arena. Players choose their class (i.e. Warrior, Ranger, Mage, etc.) and are thrust into a pre-built dungeon in which mobs, of increasing difficulty, are spawned throughout. As you progress, your dungeon level will increase. It’ll essentially be a dungeon crawler mini-game. More news on that as I complete the plugin.

In addition to these new features, we’d also like to take the time between now and 1.7’s release for suggestions from you all for additional features. What do you think would make Livecraft more fun? Is there a mini-game you’d love to play on LC? Post a comment below with your idea! But, please be reasonable with your suggestions.

Have a fantastic rest of the week,

— David (Drak1234)

Note: Mob arenas, PvP arenas, and dungeons are all eligible for player-submissions. I’ll be posting guidelines/tips on constructing dungeons, too.

Accepted mini-games:

  • Spleef

Unaccepted mini-games:

  • Hunger Games
  • Dwarves vs. Zombies

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  1. I was wondering if we can have the plugin Salvage Smelter the reason is because I find it hard to smelt items because it never works with wood tools. So as a way to make you focus i will add this comment with this 😀


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