Minecraft 1.6

As you may or may not know, Minecraft 1.6 is right around the corner. Minecraft 1.6 is due on July 1st (Porky_Sporky’s birthday :D), but the server WILL NOT be ready for Minecraft 1.6 for a while. We are not resetting the map, but Spigot (our server software) will take a bit to update to Minecraft 1.6 and then our plugins must then be updated to be compatible with Spigot for Minecraft 1.6 as well. This process can take up to a week, so be aware of any news on the website regarding Minecraft 1.6.

Goals for Minecraft 1.6:

  1. New spawn?
  2. Builder plots near spawn
  3. Towny?
  4. Increased stability
  5. Skylands RPG world possible
  6. Removal of creative from main world, usage of flatlands for creative tasks.
  7. Permissions fixes and updates
  8. Texture pack update (Same texture pack, but updated)
  9. Bug fixes!

Bugs to be fixed:

  1. Inventory being cleared when disconnecting in creative
  2. Flatlands not working
  3. Portals not working properly for all users
  4. Random server crashes
  5. Timeout error when trying to log in

As usual, this will be hopefully done before we launch for 1.6. The server will not be down, but you CAN NOT UPDATE TO 1.6. When the server description is prefixed by [1.6], you can then update.

Regards, Jonathan Alfonso

P.S.: Keep a backup of your 1.5 JAR file (located in %APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin for Windows users) prior to updating. You can swap out the new Minecraft JAR with your backup easily by renaming them (i.e. minecraft.jar and 1_5_backup.jar, minecraft.jar and 1_6_backup.jar).

~ David (Drak)

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