Livecraft’s Powerful Plugins (And how to use them!)

Livecraft has a few plugins which can be extremely useful, but they require extensive knowledge on how to use said plugins. Our most handy plugin for builders and architects is called “Craftbook”. It contains a wide array of building and redstone features.

Knowing how to use this plugin can help you greatly. Here’s a link to the Craftbook wiki.

Another very useful plugin: Essentials. This plugin is one that pretty much everyone has heard of, but probably hasn’t noticed it. Essentials is what makes Bukkit and Spigot servers seem “better” than Vanilla servers. Essentials provides the new commands, utilities, and functions expected from a more professional server.

Because Essentials adds hundreds of commands more than what Vanilla has to offer, there is quite a bit to memorize. Here is the official Essentials Command Guide:



– Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

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