[IMPORTANT] Map Rollback

Hey guys, I rolled the map back to the way it was as of June 30th at 12:05 AM EST.

The world experienced severe corruption simply because the world got too big. You guys were building so much and exploring so many chunks, that the maps simply couldn’t fit in the 4GiB RAM disk  (storage of files in memory) anymore. Because it ran out of space, the chunks could not read or write properly, so they would regenerate. This caused many houses and builds such as my house and max0704’s hobbit home to simply disappear. Many other things had magically disappeared, so this prompted a map rollback.

The server will no longer store files on the RAM disk until I get a RAM upgrade and/or a Solid State Drive. Until then, you may notice slower world rendering

I apologise for any losses caused by this issue, and I will try my best to prevent something of this nature from occurring again.

With regards, Jonathan Alfonso (alfonsojon)

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