Ban Appeals and Rank Requests


Over the past couple of months, there’s been a select few who seem to not understand when and where the right places for certain things are, so I’m just going to clarify briefly.

Ban appeals are only handled here: All other appeals can and will be ignored, with the exception of mistakes on our part. As for players who feel they or their friend(s) have been banned unfairly, visit and appeal there with a reason as to why you feel so. However, let it be known that “I didn’t do it” is not a valid answer and will not be taken seriously. Likewise, we will not change a global ban to a local ban simply because you don’t want it to hurt your reputation on servers utilizing mcbans. You were banned for a reason, and we use mcbans for a reason.

Rank requests are purely in-game for now, and any posted on the website (since we don’t have a forum(s) quite yet) will be ignored and deleted.

Hopefully those who are either confused or prefer to “do their own thing” no longer have a reason for being/doing so. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Drak1234

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